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ios video

  1. J

    How do I export 4K video from DJI GO 4 to IOS camera Roll

    I have an IPhone 6s and I've exported a 32 sec. 4K video from Mavic to the DJI Go4 album using the app. How did I get 4K video onto my iPhone Camera Roll? There seems to be 2 ways to export the video to camera roll but neither method works. 1. Open the video and then click the export icon to...
  2. automatt

    Best video format for iOS Editing?

    I was planning on working out through trial and error the best quality formats and workflow for video editing on an iOS device and I thought I might reach out to the group. My first attempt shooting 4K video at 30fps on the Mavic left me with files that the iOS device complained about being in...