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iphone 5s

  1. J

    iPhone 5s / GO 4 V.4.1.20 Update. Can it handle it?

    Looking for feedback on this... I have an iPhone 5s / iOS 10.3.3 running my Mavic Pro. I've kept the GO 4 App on 4.1.00 & everything works great. I'm hesitant to update to GO 4 V.4.1.20 because the iPhone 5s is now the last iPhone that is recommended by DJI to work with the GO 4 app., I know...
  2. upiz

    Feedback noise in wifi mode

    Ryan Wibawa - 2017 NCGA Junior Tour - Spring Series II by upiz posted May 19, 2017 at 11:14 AM I shot a video in wifi mode with my iPhone 5S. It seems if the iPhone microphone points to the bottom part of the Mavic, it picks up feedback noise. Does anybody else experience it?
  3. Deccdude19

    Laggy Live View and Final Video

    Hello, I am new to the DJI Mavic Pro and i have an issue. My live view (on my phone) is extremely laggy and stops for a second max and then starts again. it affects my final video. Is this because of my phone (iPhone 5s) or the high video quality?? this is my second day flying and i would like...
  4. J

    Iphone 5s fail to connect to Mavic Pro

    Hi guys, I've recently got my hands on mavic pro. With lots of hope and expectations I went and charge up my batteries and RC hoping I could give it a test flight ASAP. To my disappointment (and lots of frustration) I could not get my iphone5s to connect my mavic pro via DJI GO 4 I've tried...