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  1. C

    I'd love some feedback on how to improve my edits "1973 Jeep CJ6 Oregon"

    Check out this edit its just a couple of minutes and I'd love any feedback. I've got another edit coming out tomorrow. 1973 Jeep CJ6 Oregon
  2. iamjohnbamber

    New Pilot - John in Austin, TX

    Hello everyone! My name's John, and I've just ordered a Mavic Pro! Can't wait to get my hands on this thing! Looking forward to shooting some footage of off-roading in my Jeep, capture some beautiful travel footage from any of the cruises I go on, or just some fun footage for my YouTube...
  3. digitalartwerks

    Any Washington State Mavic Pro and Jeep Enthusiast?

    Hi from Issaquah Washington. Ordered a DJI Mavic Pro to replace my 3DR Solo. I love driving my Jeep to unique and scenic locations,to take drone footage. Let's Go!