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  1. A

    Joy sticks not working ( in any mode C1,C2,..) after the upgrade of the firmware

    The joy sticks are not respondibg after the update. The left stick (in C2 mode) by pushing left & right moves the gimble abit!!! The right stick is totally not responsive. Anyone can help or has experiened such?! Please help
  2. G

    AutoPilot crashes over and over

    Hi, I'm taking one step back from my previous post (Autopilot issues.. please contribute) in order to solve this issue. When I'm using Hangar's Autopilot (Auto flight logic) it is mostly for waypoint missions flown in joystick mode. the camera is also in Joystick mode. -So I have a predefined...
  3. O

    Controller 5D button missing a pressing option

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums :) I got my Mavic a couple of months ago and already had quite a lot of fun with it. I've dug through every bit of setting I could find on the app out of curiosity, and noticed a little but interesting point - I realized that not only the tiny 5D joystick on the...