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  1. KangaAir

    The way to San José by Mavic Air

    Where the deserts of Southern Spain and the Mediterranean present a unique beauty & lifestyle.
  2. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - Lao Cai Adventure, Vietnam

    E11 Lao Cai Adventure Film location: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam Drone: Mavic Air Video: 1080P 30 & 60fps KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural...
  3. KangaAir

    Mavic Air captures life in the Lau Chai Valley, Vietnam

    Recently back with my Mavic Air from an amazing tour of beautiful Vietnam. Sharing footage taken in rice fields of Lau Chai Valley, Vietnam Technical remarks: Apart form an initial wifi scare and luckily catching my bird first day before it plunged into a rice terrace, once I figured out that...