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  1. J

    Best of 2018 drone footage

    This is a Best of 2018 compilation of my aerial footage taken throughout the year. Happy New Year! Enjoy! Music: Resolve by Rob Fleming
  2. J

    High Bridge of Kentucky

  3. A


  4. shaman

    Howdy y'all from rural Madison County, Kentucky!

    I just got my Mavic Pro last Thursday and I'm getting the hang of it quicker than I thought. It's an awesome little drone that I want to take hiking and do some photography in some of the remote areas of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Red River Gorge. I hope to pick up some good tips...
  5. A


  6. K

    Lost Mavic Pro In Frankfort KY

    UPDATE: This drone has been located and recovered! Thanks for the replies! Hello everyone! I am holding out hope that someone will read this and be able to help. I have lost my Mavic Pro drone in Frankfort KY. I am not from the Frankfort area, so I had to leave it there when I returned...