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  1. S

    Convert TXT file to KML

    Hi Would like to know if there's a free / paid API to convert TXT file to KML from DJI smart controller. I'm writing a program to view TXT files on google earth, using C# and Javascript. Please suggest me a solution as I'm new to DJI Regards Shivanka
  2. C

    Control app with custom regular grid map overlay

    Hi, I use a Mavic Pro and Air 2S for mapping glaciers and their surroundings. I've used Litchi and Drone Deploy but very often I find myself flying the surveys manually for multiple reasons (weather conditions force me to prioritize some areas and fly in sport mode, valley walls are too steep...
  3. M

    Waypoint mission creation tool

    Happy Friday Pleased to release my latest research work to create waypoint missions. (The video that describes the process) (The website that hosts the tool) Feel free to use, give me any feedback, or request features Thanks for watching. Happy and safe flying! Dr...
  4. Oyibo VFX

    Garmin's BaseCamp

    I'm waiting for the update of MS Office to be finished so I played around a little. Just found out that (in Healthy Drones) you are able to export your flight to KML format (I guess other programs will do the same thing). And funny enough, you can just import the KML in BaseCamp and have your...