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landing on water

  1. TestPilot1

    Mavic 2 Pontoon set

    Hello fellow Mavic2 pilots, I've seen floats on Amazon made with pool noodles, but the first big issue is weight. 9 oz for a 32oz Mavic 2 represents 28% extra weight, which the drone is not designed for. This creates an over-load to the motors, and potential failure of some sort... sooner or...
  2. G

    Flyaway, over water, crash and... warranty replacement!

    I thought I’d share my first flyaway experience. Having flown everything from tiny training aircraft through to AscTec Falcon 8’s and heavy lift Octa’s both personally and commercially for about 7 years in 15 countries, I’m very lucky to have only had 1 major crash, my fault, lost orientation...