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  1. BlazeAir

    Canadian Museum for Human Rights

    Recently I went up to visit my family in Winnipeg. While there I took a tour of the remarkable Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It was quite the eye opener. After we were done I drove across the bridge and broke out the Mavic. It was such a beautiful area I thought it would be perfect for a...
  2. BlazeAir

    Duluth Lift Bridge on a Sunny Day

    Flying around the iconic Duluth Lift Bridge with my DJI Mavic Pro.
  3. BlazeAir

    Creepy Old Train Station

    Check out this old train station I found in Brainerd, MN. Creepy place, but I guess they still use parts of it for commercial use. Either way, looked like a cool place to fly my Mavic! Hope you enjoy! Creepy Train Station Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!