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  1. KBerrah

    Mavic Pro Flight statistics on laptop. Possible ?

    Hi MP pilots, still discovering the DJI GO 4 app features and wondering how can I get back my flight statistics and record on my laptop. There is a fuzzy "Sync to DJI Cloud" logo, pushing you # flights and distance to DJI cloud, but I'm more interested in looking at at my flight routes on my...
  2. Mikewilltakeyouto


    Im sure theres a post somewhere around here with all the backpack ideas, if someone can direct me perfect, if not .... im looking for a backpack for, - gopro + accessories - dji mavic pro + fly more combo - macbook pro 13inch - some extra day stuff ive found 2 backpacks that i might fancy or...
  3. theecrewchief

    Recommended Leather Bag

    Hi guys! I am new here and this is my first post. My mavic is in the mail from DJI (time to retire the phantom 3) and I am wanting to get a bag for it. I work IT for a tech company and sometimes travel across the country to install our systems and train people. I am wanting to try to get a 15.6...
  4. MilesTHD

    Your Editing Hardware? Mine is choking on 4k.

    It seems I've reached the limit of my laptop since I got the Mavic. Most video I create and edit in Adobe CC is from my LG V20 phone - which is 1080p. Now that I want to edit in 2 or 4k - no way. Even when trying to create proxy files my computer just chokes and stutters and finally just gives...
  5. X

    Display Phone Screen on Laptop

    This might be impossible or maybe not but I just had this idea. What if somehow we could view our drones camera from a laptop with a big HD screen? is this possible with some sort of trick?