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  1. Gaz941

    Hi, new member, Leeds, West Yorkshire

    Hi, I live in Halton area of Leeds and have had a mavic air for about 9 months. Just took the plunge and bought myself a Mavic 2 Zoom as well. Mostly just been flying around Temple Newsam as its outside Leeds Bradford ATC zone and it's literally a stones throw away. Just wondering if anyone else...
  2. NightFlight

    New Pilot (UK)

    I am new to this forum and i am also a new Mavic Pro Pilot although i have been flying Quad Copters for a couple of years, i am going Sunny Beach in Bulgaria next Saturday flying from Leeds in the UK and was wondering if there are any restrictions in regards taking a quad through the airport as...
  3. balshawr

    Leeds (UK) Meet-up Saturday 27th May 2017

    Leeds Drone Club (can be found on Facebook) are having a meet-up at Middleton Park in Leeds this coming Saturday 1pm-4pm. I'm going along to this to see what's going on, anyone thinking of going? It's an authorised area for flying UAVs and drones in Leeds - well the only public place as it...