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lens hood

  1. Chirp

    Which lens hood?

    I lost my lens hood and I need to replace it. I see on Amazon there are a few different ones. Any suggestions please? I'm talking about the black one that can stay on for flying. Thank You !
  2. ebrandon

    What are these lines in my video?

    I think these might be shadows of the propellers on the camera? They went away when I changed direction away from the sun. Do we need some kind of lens hood for the camera? 15 second long 4k video. 56 MB. Prop Shadow.mp4
  3. heo3480

    Improved 3D printed lens hood for DJI Mavic Pro

    This is a remix of the Mavic Pro Glare shield by Motley74. For some reason, the original version(s) did not fit entirely.