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lessons learned

  1. Yaros

    Recently switched to mavic - enjoying it after 1 year of struggle!

    Hello, I made some other posts on this forum already, but this one is an interesting one in my opinion, it's how I got here in the first place. In December 2020 I decided I wanted a drone, and made a huge mistake: I bought a cheap DIY F450 kit on AliExpress. Got it, assembled, bought a LiPo and...
  2. S

    Lost MP into lake trying to fly off sailboat - dumb mistakes

    Putting up this post in the hopes that I might save someone else from dropping their MP into the drink. Bottom line, my overconfidence cost me my MP. Situation: Was out on a buddies sail boat on Lake Erie. Hand already done several hand launches and catches from power boats before, so did not...