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lg g6

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    Mavic Air with LG phone. Videos are saved but not images.

    The Mavic Air is my first drone and I am enjoying it very much. I use an Android LG G6 and have only one issue. The videos I capture are saved to an SD card in the Air and simultaneously saved to my device. The still images are nowhere to be found on the device, but if I view them through the...
  2. F

    Control-Phone Connection Problem

    Hi All. Im new to the Mavic Air but I had a Phantom 3 Pro for 2 years so Im not new to Dji drones. I move to de Air because the P3P was too big to take it everywhere. Yesterday I receive my new Mavic Air but I have issues with the connection to my LG G6 phone (my main phone). Looks like the...