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  1. Netvise

    MAVIC 3 - ISO TEST 4K (Low Light) - Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire X5S

    Hi! Many people are interested in how the sensor works in Mavic 3. I compared Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire 2 X5S I shot everything on video for you. Enjoy watching and subscribe (I'm preparing a flight time test).
  2. K

    Sky demon light

    No longer able to install Silverlight and use skydemon light on my PC. Can anyone recommend good alternative apps / softwares, preferably something that also shows NOTAMs? Thank you!
  3. Bodkin's Best Photography

    Mini Mini 2 Nightscape

    A humble little town and my first night flight with the Mini 2.
  4. M

    Lightest drone and charger setup

    I am going to be doing a 4 week bike touring trip soon, and am convincing myself that a drone will make this more awesome. I will need to bring the following with me whilst minmising weight and maximising convenience of charging: Drone A way to charge the drone Phone for controller A way to...