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lightning connector

  1. J

    Broken Micro USB port on Mavic Remote Control

    I guess I may be the first to damage my remote control because I cannot find any other posting similar to the help I need. Unfortunately, following a flight last week, I dropped my remote. I didn't think anything of it until the next time I tried to fly and the remote was not connecting to my...
  2. Daskid

    Lightning Cable Help

    Can someone please direct me to a 12" lightning cable with a right angle lightning connector and a straight usb connector? MFI preferred. Thanks!
  3. C

    Disconnected camera view with lightning connector

    I need your help please. I finally got my Mavic today but when I connected the iPhone 6 to the stock lightning connector the camera is not transmitting video in the app and it appears as disconnected. Same happened when I connected it to the iPad. However, when I use the USB port with a normal...