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  1. Drone UK

    Another good Live Stream of Drone Videos

    Get those comments in to feature your videos. Can be your own or just videos you love. Thanks Andy
  2. Drone UK


    Another great stream, 4th one and going strong. Seems to be growing slowely and the more videos i get suggested for us all to watch together the more we can grow. Feedback to each others videos is great. Find myself wanting to try new things from what i see. latest video with the featured vids...
  3. Drone UK

    Live Drone Show Throw It Out There

    Hi Everyone So i did my first live stream last night, for my new 'Throw It Out There Thursdays' and i was really pleased to have as many people in the stream as i did. Also thank you to those who submitted their or other peopls videos to watch together. This was last nights If you would like...
  4. K

    Live Stream on a LCD Screen

    Does anyone know how to use the Mavic Pro (or any other drone) to live stream an event on an LCD screen? What kind of setup is needed? Can it be done with an HDMI cable? I need to get answers quickly and I would appreciate all of the answers/comments.
  5. tydrones

    Live yours to the extreme with your Mavic Air!

  6. J

    Mavic Pro video feed very laggy / choppy

    Hey guys, flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday in 4K 30fps. I noticed the feed was really laggy / choppy. When I turned the aircraft around it would take a second or two for the feed to catch up. I'm wondering if the 4K footage is too much for my iPhone 6 to cope with? When I played the...
  7. A

    Live stream approximate data usage per minute

    Hey all! I've tried searching for answers but nobody could answer this. I asked DJI Online Support but as many of us have come to notice, it's as good as talking to the drone. Anybody has actually tested this and has an approximate data usage per minute of live stream footage? Thanks! :)