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locked drone

  1. G

    FW 700 Aircraft Locked. Help!!!

    Hi pilots, I got a Mavic half month ago and just flew for twice. And now DJI locked my drone just because I didn't upgrade to 900 firmware. I can't believe they did this, INCREDIBLE!!! I will never upgrade because: 1) I don't want to be controlled. 2) 700 firmware is good enough for me I think...
  2. Capra Vecinului

    The "Must upgrade DJI Go 4.1.3 App" thread (locked drones)

    Hello fellow Mavic owners, I have started this thread to keep clean other threads focused on their initial topic. Feel free to discuss here all the latest messages some of the users reported lately about a forced DJI Go 4 app upgrade imposed by DJI, via a red message; upgrade that refers to Go4...