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logged data

  1. C

    Mavic Destroyed - How can I get my log analyzed?

    Hello, I just took my Mavic on a dream trip, during which it was destroyed on day 2. Basically, I wanted to use Course Lock mode for a fairly simple shot along an ocean shoreline. The flight path was to go between a sea cliff and a rock outcropping in the sea, and to yaw the craft as it panned...
  2. D

    Mavic Disappeared. Fly Away Unit!!! Input needed

    Unfortunately I lost my Mavic within less than 5 hours of owning it. Im currently still under going discussion with DJI in regards of replacing the drone. The incident happened during a live FB stream and luckily I have video proof and all flight data which I will provide as well. Any insight...
  3. flyNfrank

    Mavic Flight Log Data

    I'm looking for someone to share their Mavic Flight log file, the .txt or .dat. This will likely come up on all the search engines by those wanting their data fix.