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  1. Partizans

    Double-dropper for M2ED or M2E

    Anyone have suggestions for a double-dropper compatible with M2ED or M2E ? Many/most/all of the double-droppers for M2 / M2P aren't compatible because the Enterprise has an accessory connector on top that conflicts. A couple of years ago, I seem to recall a double-dropper was marketed for the...
  2. Ralph thompson

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with SC

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (IR & visual capable). Extras include Smart Controller, 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro (U3) & Flymore combo. Total package includes three self heating batteries, hard case, beacon, spot light, speaker, charger, hard-case, shoulder bag and spare propellers. $3900Cdn plus...
  3. B

    M2ED Image Resolution Issue

    I’m a new M2ED user and when I fly mapping missions the image resolution on the jpg is 640x580 and the Pix4D react says the resolution needs to be higher. How to I get higher image res?
  4. southskene

    Connecting M2ED to PC via USB

    Hi All I am having trouble connecting my Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual to my Windows 10 PC using the supplied USB-C cable. Due to the fact that the drone is password protected, I am unable to access the internal storage when connected to the PC. The drone appears as a connection, but as a "network"...