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  1. efendic12

    Obersdorf, Germany Berg Tour HDR Photo

    This was a 3-hour hike up to 1900m elevation with another 45min to reach a peak where I launched my M2Z. Needed to use my PolarPro ND64! Other settings were AEB 5 shot. All in raw
  2. R

    Flea Market - NE Ohio

    The Hartville Marketplace flea market, Memorial Day Weekend. Hartville Kitchen / Hartville Hardware
  3. Z

    Dragon Boat Race 2019

    Dragon boat race around HK every year, Mavic 2 is the best drone to handle all the track and trace, flying in between the dragon boats, feel like you are in the race~
  4. Z

    Sky Corridor

    Kai Kung Leng, one of the most beautiful hiking trail in Hong Kong northern area
  5. droneduder

    Purchasing advice: M2Z

    First post, been reading about Mavics for the past week. TLDR; I own a DIY quad racer running Omnibus F4 using Betaflight and DIY 550 hex with gimbal and HD cam running a Pixhawk and using Ardupilot. My FPV has been limited to crappy eachine goggles. Needless to say I have countless hours...
  6. C

    connecting Huawei M5 to dji controller for M2Z

    Hello anyone out there can help a fella connect this tablet to the controller? Doesn't seem to work for me.
  7. Z

    Twilight Dawn - Sunrise Aerial Video

    Filming with Mavic 2 Zoom