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  1. UtahSteve

    My Macbook Air won't recognize the card in my Mavic Air2

    I just tried to download my first videos from the card in my drone using a cable connection to the drone. As the card arrived formatted, my Macbook Air would not see the card. I pulled the Micro SD card out and put it in a card reader. My Mac saw the card in the card reader and of course...
  2. T

    Which Software for Macs?

    New pilot but old photo/video shooter (TV news) So I understand I need special software for post and stitching to create a good hyperlapse mov. What software (preferably free as it’s a hobby) does everyone use or recommend? Thanks M2Z
  3. D

    Luminar "Aerial Workspace"

    Anyone try this? New Luminar. Inspired by DJI. via @wearemacphun | Macphun Blog "Today we’re announcing a free update for our flagship editing software, Luminar, complete with new features inspired by DJI drone photographers. Over the last few weeks we worked hard with some of the best aerial...