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  1. C

    Magnetic interference & obstacle avoidance issues

    Hi there, I had an issue yesterday flying nearby a photovoltaic solar farm. On turning on the Mavic, I very quickly got the message "Magnetic interference" (or something close) displayed on the remote. I thought this would be fixed by calibrating the compass - although not 100% sure that these...
  2. E

    Magnetic interference in a vessel

    Hi all, Rockie pilot here from Barcelona. I'm sailing in a research vessel (full of metal and electronic instrumentation) and willing to take some footage with a Mavic Pro. Most of the vessel locations with enough clearence to take off show magnetic interference warning, but I found a spot...
  3. CandyMan_ZA

    Mavic Pro Compass Error (Magnetic Interference when camera facing down)

    Some may recall my previous post where a Black Eagle took my MP out. I have now replaced it. I have however been experiencing intermittent Compass Errors due to Magnetic Interference. All software is up to date. So, I did some testing just now, while calibrating the compass in a big open field I...
  4. H

    Magnetic Interference caused Mavic to fly off on its own.

    Yesterday afternoon I was flying my Mavic, trying to put together a video for a friend of a golf course. The golf course was built on top of a field beside an old smelter and there is a lot of slag, metallic, rock waste in the area. (It was actually built on top of the stuff.) I have flown my...
  5. F

    Move Aircraft or Calibrate Compass during flight

    Hi, I bought a mavic few days ago and i'm facing some issues regarding to compass. I was using ASUS ZENFONE 3(now ipad mini) and during flight I was receiving compass error messages, like Move Aircraft or Calibrate Compass. Every time before take off, I check the compass status to see if both...
  6. joevdw

    Magnetic Interference on Metal Bridge

    I almost lost my Mavic of the side of a metal bridge trying to get a great perspective shot while in tripod mode, which is what saved me. watch the clip! Share and subscribe!