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  1. JPG_master

    How to manually execute a maneuver like 'Course Lock'

    Hi all, I am brandnew here but already many decades on earth ;-) I recently did fly a "Point of Interest" cirvcle manually. No I am looking for some advices for the manual maneuver which is "equivalent" to what the IFM 'course lock' does. I assume it (Sticks in mode 2) slowly moving the right...
  2. Ebonicus

    First beach flight

    Here is a long continuous manual shot, on my first run to the beach. I was trying to use all the moves I practice in my Quadriem app. This is manually flown in cinematic, with 50 yaw. This is also dlog with +1, -1,-1. Nd8 filter at 2.7k 30fps, with 1/60 shutter. Mem card is 64gb sandisk ext...