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  1. DRONO

    2 Pro Some shots from Virginia Beach, VA.

    The Lesner bridge which connects the Lynnhaven River/Broad Bay to the Chesapeake Bay and out to the Atlantic. If you open the full image, you can see the Eastern Shore off on the horizon. Looking South East, that's the VA Beach strip on the horizon. Looking across to Va Beach Town Center...
  2. N

    Air 2 Round and round we go...

    Round and round we go... Sydney Olympic Park, Bay Marker. Mavic Air 2
  3. donatas1

    I Love you Iceland

  4. donatas1

    Fishing ship in Iceland.Drone Flight From Iceland.(DJI PHANTOM 3 4K )
  5. Cookedinlh

    MavicPro GPS Accuracy?

    Mavic Pro GPS accuracy is amazing . . I'm not an expert in image manipulation but I took 2 hand held photos before and after a 25 min flight out to about 800m max distance and all over the harbour in Sarnia yesterday. Then just for fun I hit RTH and waited . . . and it came home. Apparently it...