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mavic 5d button

  1. M

    Too Windy to fly! Can't Miss this Breathtaking View *4K*

    Day 4 - It was too windy to fly during the whole course of the day, but the places we were visiting were just too breathtaking, luckily got some steady shots from my gopro for ground work and still managed to squeeze in some mavic shots from above in some key location.
  2. bb0bbby

    Ordered 01/27/2017 & my Mavic arrived 02/03/2017 from Best Buy BUT...

    My anticipation has grown so much and I could not wait for my first flight! Upon opening the box, I noticed that a button was missing (5D button). Bummed and upon contacting DJI support, they are sending me a return label for a new controller. Is it safe to fly without the 5D button...