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mavic accessories

  1. N

    ND Filters or ND/PL Filters?

    Hi:) I am new to ND Filters. And was looking for some assistance, guidelines that could help me to decide which one to pick. I have watched quite a few on youtube, but have yet to come to a conclusion. Should I pick the polarpro shutter collection or the vivid collection? I liked how the vivid...
  2. SeaThruLens

    Mavic Air Floatation Set up

    I've been following the forum since I purchased my MA and learned a ton so I thought I would share my flotation system. It is as streamlined as I could come up after testing every option I could find out there. I will start by saying I am in Florida and on the coast so piloting over water was...
  3. heo3480

    How to Pack Fly More Bag

    How to fit everything in DJI bag that comes with the Mavic Air Fly more bundle? This is a short video going over the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Bag.
  4. M

    Mavic Air 250USD Cheaper than DJI Official? Trustworthy?

    Hi I don't have any DJI products. But I have always been interested in owning one. This Mavic Air with its capability and price hit me right on so I decide to buyone, I find a few source including my local dealer, and this one one and I compare other similar site like...
  5. PaulArcher

    Best 6 Mavic accessories that aren't a pain in the ***

    Hey there, guys, I always see online people reviewing tons of accessories for the Mavic but if you get all of them your flight experience sucks. Mostly because it takes so much time to install every accessory and carry them with you. So i made a video with my favorite 6 that are small and...