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mavic active track modes

  1. Flyenroute

    [New to Mavic]Question: what's the difference between Active Track and Follow Me mode?

    My guess is that Active Track uses image recognition while Follow Me follows the location of the transmitter. Comments?
  2. M

    Mavic Active Tracking PHANTOM 4 PRO!

    Day 5/6 - Rainy and wet but still maanged to find a time to fly when it isn't raining. This is more of a fun flying day, messing around active tracking the Phantom 4 Pro
  3. M

    Too Windy to fly! Can't Miss this Breathtaking View *4K*

    Day 4 - It was too windy to fly during the whole course of the day, but the places we were visiting were just too breathtaking, luckily got some steady shots from my gopro for ground work and still managed to squeeze in some mavic shots from above in some key location.
  4. M


    Day 3 - A long walk along the coast and in the wood. The Mavic almost had a crash scare when walking in the tight cofined space in the wood, was trying out some intricate flying with trees around. Thanks to the obstacle avoidance system, the Mavic managed to avoided crashing into the tree...
  5. A

    Crash Analysis ATTI Drift - Response Time

    Hello guys, Few weeks ago, I unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro in th middle of the beautiful Taroko Gorges in Taiwan. The mission was launched a bit fast and was therefore a bit risky but space and visibility where OK, wind also OK. I used the ActiveTrack mode. Around 1.20min on the video...
  6. M

    Dangerous Road Trip with Mavic

    Day 2 of dangerous/risky road trip at Mallorca, why I say dangerous? The road up the mountains are like a snake body - steep, curvy, narrow and winding road. Narrowly avoiding some sharp edge and have some close call, must say though it was exciting and fun at times to drive on, for the...
  7. M

    *4K VLOG* - MALLORCA 2K17 (DAY 1)

    (VLOG - DAY 1) Recent holiday to Mallorca, amazing people, amazing island, amazing food and amazing scenery. Must go!
  8. M

    Human vs Drone - Racing against the Mavic

    Here I'm just messing around with the spotlight mode in DJI Mavic, racing against the Mavic, I wanted to see how well it follow me without crashing so I always had the controller on my hand just in case it flew away or crash into something.
  9. M

    4K UHD Steady Tripod Mode inside Dense Forest

    Day trip with the mavic and my newly bought panasonic lumix GX80 for handheld ground work without gimbal. Combining the two, the 4K on lumix is pretty impressive for an entry level beginners compact camera. You get some jellos but I did walked pretty fast, for stills position and if put on a...
  10. heo3480

    Active CAR Tracking

    Fooling around having fun making Mavic chase my car ;-) Active track is really a wonderful tool for creating great video. What have you been using Active Track for?