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mavic air accessories

  1. V

    Mavic air controller with Nvidia shield k1 tablet?

    Was just curious if anyone was using the shield k1 with the mavic air controller. Also curious if anyone had a tablet holder recommendation and/or sunhood recommendation to use the tablet with my mavic air. Any thoughts?
  2. Texas Mavic

    8 WATT 2.4ghz AMP/Booster $50 free ship

    Well just as the title says, it’s a very powerful booster. It’s bi directional meaning it works incredibly well on the left Mavic Pro/Platinum and Mavic Air because it matches the transmission and reception of the left antenna. Lots of information and examples of use here on the forum. I just...
  3. Texas Mavic

    ***SOLD***ITELITE DBS Nanosync ANTENNA $40free ship!! Click here for the details please!

    $40 bucks shipped free!!!!! Hello fellow pilots, I have here an Itelite DBS directional antenna. With two patch cables to connect to your modified controller. I bought this a few months back, tried it out on a couple flights, and in the closet it went. I posted it for sale on eBay...
  4. C

    FS: Mavic Air with Lots of Extras

    Selling my Mavic Air collection. Never crashed and super clean. Has 3hr45min flight time total. Has Current DJI REFRESH (see below) Everything is less than 2-months old. **Will post pictures soon.** Let me know if you have any questions. All DJI items come in original boxes. Have boxes for...
  5. johnnybflyguy

    Bavic Air Battery

    Just seeing where people are buying there Mavic Air Batteries from in the UK, any one used a company called Hobby Mounts.
  6. fstop.labs

    New product: Mavic Air Carrying Case

    Our new Mavic Air Carrying Cases are here! Custom molded protection for the drone and accessories Shoulder strap Water-resistant outer shell Fits the Mavic Air, up to 3 batteries, remote control, charger tablet, etc! Two sizes! Large - 13.7 in x 11.4 in x 3.5 in Small - 12.2 in x 9.4 in x 4.3...