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mavic bag

  1. V

    Mavic Pro unboxing...probably the first ever in India!

  2. Achilles

    Share Your Mavic Setup & Case/Bag

    I gotta come clean. As I saw people posting their awesome setups, must have accessories and water tight Pelican cases, I struggled to find the right combination of gadgets to bag/case. I musta dropped the iM2050 Pelican in my Amazon cart a thousand times but never pulled the trigger. So i...
  3. Motley

    packing Mavic and controller in the fly more combo bag

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to pack your Mavic and controller in the bag that comes with the "fly more combo"? I just received mine yesterday and have noticed that once you pack the Mavic into the bag the controller fits very tight and I don't see a way to pack it without possibly...
  4. A

    Amazon carry bag

    Hi everyone, I've just received the DSLR bag from Amazon prime for £18.99 and it's great! Everything fits perfectly and there's extra room for a few spare batteries (when I receive them. The bag has a well padded soft lining, isn't too big and is a fraction of the price of the DJI bag...