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mavic camera repair

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    Mavic Air 2 camera replacement

    Recently replaced my camera after a crash. Replaced complete gimbal assembly. Now getting IMU warnings and it won’t recognize the camera and gimbal. Also will not calibrate and is off kilter. Does anyone had any experience with this?
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    Camera help???

    After a crash I am trying to fix my Mavic Pro 2. The gimbal is perfect but suddenly drops downwards and a few second later it flips upwards again and faces forwards. I have swooped the square board on top of the vibration module and not change. Also swooped actual camera module inside th camera...
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    how i fixed my mavic camera under $50 by switching motherboards

    I have searched youtube about mavic camera repairs but all i can see are ribbon cable replacements. Of course I've tried that, but it never fixed my camera. I can still see video into the app, but I still have that gimbal motor overload and gimbal would just not calibrate. It just goes wild...