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mavic drone videos

  1. C

    my best footage wrapping up 2018

    Long time lurker here. I had a whole bunch of footage taken from my Mavic Pro from the beginning of this year to now. I thought i would put it all together in a compilation to wrap of 2018. Its not much but its the best stuff I got. Hope someone out there will enjoy it. >_< Any questions...
  2. BlazeAir

    Mavic Flies in 35 mph Duluth Wind Gusts

    Went to Duluth, MN last weekend and brought the Mavic. I planned on just droning some of the cool landmarks of the city. But when I got up there I saw how cool the ice looked on Lake Superior and my plans changed. Also, it was super windy, as you'll notice at times in the vid, but it was such a...