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    Interference between radio controller and drone

    Morning, all! I 'm new to flying drones and I've recently got a DJI mini 2. I haven't flown it yet, but I've done some online searches so to learn more about drones, and it has made me come up with some questions regarding to flying drones safely and carefully. My questions are related to...
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    Hi everyone. I was flying yesterday until Mavic starts to behave abnormally and finally it crashed. Can anyone have look at DAT file and help me figure out what exactly happened? The whole flight went well, when the drone was high something starts to happen, drone start to circulate and finally...
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    Mavic Pro shot and returns home safely

    The story has been out there a few days now but my Mavic Pro was shot and hit last weekend ... The most impressive part is that it flew just shy of 3/4 mile to land safely... I can’t be more happy with the product that DJI has out there ... Thanks for all the support so far ...
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    Help with buying used mavic pro

    Hi everybody, I am new to this website and I'm reaching out for help/opinions/ expertise. I'm planning on purchasing a used Mavic Pro, theres one that I am specifically looking at from a seller and would like to know what I should look for when purchasing a used one. Is there any way I can...