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mavic pro battery

  1. C

    SOLD: FS: 3 (almost new) Mavic Pro Batteries with boxes

    ALL SOLD! I've got 3 almost new batteries in fantastic condition, ready to be used. Everything obo, and shipped to cont. US (priority shipping) Also, I don't care if your moms new bf has the hookup with batteries etc, if you're not buying, please continue elsewhere. I don't need or want your...
  2. G

    Low voltage warning... Twice with separate batteries..??

    Fairly new MP owner. Purchased just over a month ago First few missions went smoothly. No issues. I bought a second battery independently to extend overall mission time. Last couple I've been experiencing low voltage issues (I can't remember if the word "critical" was used, but it was a red...
  3. Jordan

    FS: Mavic Pro Battery BRAND NEW x3 - UK

    Hi Everyone, I have 3x brand new Mavic Pro batteries unopened box I'm selling. £85 each posted ALL SOLD Collection from Grays, Essex if preferred.
  4. Stride8

    Picked up a nice bundle pack from Best Buy

    Picked up this Polar Pro bundle from Best Buy for 125.99. Compact Mavic carrying case, DJI Mavic Pro Battery & a pair of props.