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mavic pro help

  1. therebelfilms

    How to Identify AEB [Solved]

    From few days I was stuck in a problem. I wanted a way or software to Identify all the AEB pictures taken from my Mavic 2 pro, at last, I have found a very simple way on my laptop with windows 10. Which is if you open the details panel and click the picture one by one you can get see a tag with...
  2. C

    Does the Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 7" Work With the Mavic Pro Controller?

    Still waiting for my Mavic to arrive, should be any day now, and I'm trying to have everything ready in time for its arrival. I've gotten a lift kit for the drone for added protection as it does sit low to the ground, and I got some prop bumper guards coming as I will be flying indoors and also...