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mavic repair

  1. DDS

    Crash Your Drone?

    Use Coupon Code "mavicpilots" to get $30 off your repair (put in the problem w/ your drone section)
  2. rossmoney

    Mavic 2 Pro CRASHed. I fixed it with a Zoom camera + Gimbal. $?

    I need your help trying to figure out how much to sell my drone for.. I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro (it's got some scars to prove it), and the front right arm joint snapped and the gimbal was damaged beyond repair. I installed a new arm joint and purchased a zoom camera + gimbal off bang good...
  3. E

    Kudos to Thunderdrones

    Like most of us we either push the limits or mess up and crash our drones sooner or later . Trying to mess with my brother at his place (1200 ft away) at night using way-points, I missed a crucial setting and automatically flew into a tree line. After retrieving my drone, I surveyed the...
  4. S

    How difficult is it to replace Mavic rear arm?

    I tangled with some branches and had a minor crash a few weeks ago. At the time I didn't notice any damage, but subsequently I realized that there was an increased amount of vertical play in the right rear arm. Turns out I cracked the over-extension stop tab (it's directly above the joint). I...