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  1. F

    Batteri drop Mavic Air

    Have any one in this forum experience with Mavic Air droppings its batteri during flight? Mine did in Sports Mode the other day. Best Finnair 😎
  2. F

    Mavic AIR camera disconnection

    Hello guys, I have a MAVIC AIR. It went into the water on a river. I fixed and now it is almost all ok. The issue is that after 5-10 minutes the mavic air overheat. So, first I lost camera signal, then if I turn off the drone and turn on again the drone doesn't connect with the remote...
  3. O

    Low down dirty DIY tablet holder. Show us yours.

    Hi guys Just thought I would share some pictures of my cheap asf tablet holder for my Mavic Air controller. I made this from some white polypropylene I had laying around in the empire of filth from a previous project and a magnetic phone holder that refuses to stick to the dash in my work car. I...
  4. G

    Compass nightmares

    Hi all. Flying around the globe with my Mavic Air. Had minimal issues in Russia, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand other than needing to regularly recalibrate compass (accepted given I moved around a lot). Now, however, I’m hiking around Chile and Argentina with a rather large...