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mavid pro

  1. MavicMikeGA

    So FRUSTRATING! Why does it keep forcing me to land??!!

    Power up and calibration all passed. No issue. However, when I start to fly it literally goes up 10 feet then lands again. I then disabled GPS, all sensors, and installed a different app than the DJI app and finally got if off the ground. I got one good photo (attached) before the battery...
  2. Cookedinlh

    Video of Mavic Wind Limits! >40mph or 18m/s

    Today 8 mar 2017, Sarnia ON Canada. DJI Mavic Pro . . fighting hard to stay on place with 30mph winds gusting 55. Mavic Pro came through and managed to not get blown away in the gusts buy dropping down under 50ft. This was only possible in SPORT mode. . . and near full deflection of controls a...