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max distances

  1. Yaros

    How far should I be to a military zone when flying a drone?

    Hello, I want to know what is the recommended distance to stay away from a military zone in Spain. Because I found a pretty good location to fly but there are 2 military zones nearby. One of them is 2.5km away, the other is 3.5km away from my planned takeoff point. I want to set the maximum...
  2. TrayBoz

    Max Height / Distance reached with DJI Goggles ???

    I LOVE my DJI Goggles. Since I've had them I've worn them every flight and never look at my iPad. So I tried flying yesterday without even plugging in the iPad, just using the RC controller and the Goggles. So I just launched using the goggles - worked fine. For some reason, when I got about...
  3. D

    Controller screen v phone screen

    Still not flown my new Mavic but if the range of flying with phone wi fi is max 80m and controller flying is circa 4.3km, does one fly by controller for distances beyond 80 metres and blindly operate camera button, or can one still see what camera sees at these distances?