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  1. eutx9795

    Charming Medieval Villages - Caracena (Spain)

    Caracena (Soria - Spain) is one of those places that call the end of the world. There is no road beyond Caracena. History seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages, so productive for this province of Soria, and since then it has been abandoned to its fate, from which it tries to escape...
  2. eutx9795

    Medieval walled and lovely small Spanish village

    If you want to know more of the village, there's information on the Youtube description of the video. Hope you like it and feel free to coment! Thanks!
  3. P

    fly-over the castle - mavic air

    Did a nice fly over the castle with sight seeing plane in view - got bit scared, lowered our height and followed the aircraft carefully to make sure it isn't going our way with finger on auto land if needed... the footage looks pretty interesting now...
  4. AnthonyL

    Czech medieval castles from bird's-eye view

    Better to watch with sound. I produced this clip with videos of my incredible summer holiday in Czech Republic. Aerial videos made with DJI Mavic Pro. These are not the only castles and palaces in Czech Republic, there are much more I didn't show in this video. Details of the places are on...
  5. A