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meet up

  1. S

    How do drone meetups work?

    Me and a friend are starting a drone club at our university, and have been planning out how the whole thing is going to work. We would like to have at least a few meetups for people to attend and fly together, but we want to avoid any collisions or other conflicts. Unfortunately neither of us...
  2. Z

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more ....

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more .... Just started flying drone I have a dji magic pro 2 and a dji fpv drone .
  3. K

    OHIO FLYERS - Lets Start A Regular Meet Up

    Curious on the interest here. I've kicked around this idea, like I'm sure many of you, for far too long. I would like to officially announce the Ohio Drone Buddies group. I'll work up a page on some social site, most likely FB although I absolutely stink at social media, so if anyone is...
  4. KBerrah

    Meeting up at Dent de Vaulion, VD (CH) on Saturday 26/08

    Kind reminder for those who can attend in Suisse Romande, saturday 26th of August. starting from 9AM. There is a restaurant (burette de la dent de Vaulion) where you can parc your car. Let's meet at the restaurant around 9AM until 9:30AM, then we can walk to the top (15 min.). If you can, bring...
  5. MilesTHD

    Inland Northwest Spokane / CDA / Tri Cities etc

    Hi All - I'm in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and would be willing to organize events in the Inland NW, eastern Washington / i90 corridor and surrounding regions. This winter is obviously a little rough but spring is coming and it doesn't get more glorious than where we live - lets try to have a meet up /...