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  1. DJ Wes

    2 Zoom Loring Park, Minneapolis

    On a recent trip to Minneapolis I captured some footage at Loring Park and The Sculpture Garden. This was flown using a M2Z with Litchi. The footage was edited using DaVinci Resolve with some very light color correction.
  2. RickyMavic

    Minneapolis, Minnesota- one of my favorite drone shots

    Hey guys, what do you think of this one? Thanks, RickyMavic youtube channel website
  3. R


    Taken from the back side of the US Bank Stadium. A four image panorama imported and stitched in Lightroom.
  4. M

    Downtown Minneapolis on a Beautiful Spring Evening

    Mavic Pro with Polar filter #16). Shot over Cedar Lake looking to the Northeast: Downtown Minneapolis from Cedar Lake
  5. BlazeAir

    U.S. Bank Stadium & Downtown Minneapolis

    Check out this shot I took with my Mavic of downtown Minneapolis and U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings. Man, I just can't get over how amazing this drone is! Please check out more of my work at: AirVūz - AirVuzBlaZer
  6. BlazeAir

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi, I finally received my Mavic and the mail and couldn't be more thrilled! It is everything as advertised, AND MORE! I have been so impressed with this drone and all of its features! Here is my maiden flight over Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mavic Meets Gold Medal Park Also, I...