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  1. wilmutiny3

    Found drone under Gemini Bridges, Moab

    We were on Gemini bridges yesterday and spotted a drone stuck on a short tower below. No one was on the hiking trail below trying to get it and it didn’t belong to anyone up above. We estimate the tower it was on to be maybe 80-100’. I didn’t get close enough to investigate cause the updraft...
  2. jboyd23

    BASE Jumping in Moab, Utah

    Just finished a short film showing some jumps in Moab, Utah. Let me know what you guys think
  3. GDadd

    Highlights from Utah's Endless Scenery - Winter 2019

    Hi all, first video post. I headed to Utah in February to get some shots with the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. Having visited throughout the state several times, I was anxious to go while there was snow and few tourists. Turns out it was fortunate timing in that some of the state parks restrict...