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  1. R

    Non P-mode take off?

    Can anyone clarify this warning? Does it mean bird will fly in ATTI mode? "To take off in Non-p mode toggle flight mode switch to another mode then toggle it back" Thanks, Bob
  2. kcoleman805

    Reverse Point of Interest

    Is there a way to use one of the Mavic "modes" to basically do a shot that is a continuous circle at an adjusted speed but instead of the camera pointing at one object it is pointing out and getting the whole surrounding area? Like if you were on top of a mountain or somewhere in nature, could...
  3. M

    Blue Tint on Horizon

    Hello MavicPilots, I was shooting a video in normal color mode and got this blue tint on the horizon. This only affected shots where the gimbal was straight. The white balance was set to "Sunny". Is there a way to evade this issue? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Any help is...