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  1. Shismo

    Air 2 Winter Flying over Montreal Island and St Lawrence River

    Videos Winter 2021 flying over Montreal Island East along the St Lawrence River and Montreal West Island over Lac Des Deux Montagne where I crashed MA2 on a small island! Mounted a rescue mission in dead of winter and replaced by DJI care...
  2. C

    Where to fly in Montreal

    Hello everyone, new Mavic pilot here. I live near the parc Maisonneuve in Montreal. Thats near the olympic stadium. That spot is, according to the government’s UAV map, out of the radius no fly zones of any helipad or airport. BUT.... it is in a Class C SFC to 3000ft Copy paste from the...
  3. H

    Hi from the south shore of Montreal (Brossard)

    Pre-ordered one on Amazon in november, ETA was supposed to be next year but it came in this Friday (9th). I'm freaking out, i'm down 1.5k, I'm having buyers remorse because I wasn't mentally prepared to get it soo soon; but ******* it's cool. The most expensive drone I've flown is a Bepbop 2...