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mt. baker

  1. Jim D

    Mt. Baker at Sunrise

    From White Chuck Mt.
  2. Jim D

    Central Cascades 360º Pano

    From Forgotten Meadows. White Chuck Mt. on L, Mt. Baker on R. MP2, 5 shot bursts shot RAW, processed, stacked & median blended, stitched in PS.
  3. Jim D

    Mt. Baker Sunrise

    Screen grab from MP2
  4. Jim D

    Artist Point, WA

    Screen shots from a MP2.
  5. Jim D

    Mt. Baker Pano

    Mt. Baker in the distance
  6. Jim D

    Mt. Baker - Mt. Rainier Pano

    Mt. Baker on L, Glacier Pk. behind White Chuck Mt. in center, Mt. Rainier in distance on R. DJI Mavic 2 Pro, RAW images captured manually (no pano mode) stitched in Photoshop.