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  1. Cybercowboy

    Where I work

  2. Cybercowboy

    My.Fuji and my work place.

  3. View of Mt.Fuji and my work

    View of Mt.Fuji and my work

    View of Virtus riding club, foot of Mt.Fuji Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan
  4. Cybercowboy

    Greetings from foot of Mt.Fuji,Gotemba,Japan

    MavicPro took 3 month from 1st order to my hand. Took only a week to wreck a gimbal. another month to wait till I can fly it safely. Now I'm enjoying my flight to take fixed point observation of Mt.Fuji when it can be seen. I work at a membership horse riding facility as an instructor. Taking...