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neutral density

  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Mavic 3 Pro ND Filter Set Test

    Comparison test of the neutral density (ND) filter set for the Mavic 3 Pro. I'm very impressed by how there seems to be practically no appreciable color cast or image degradation, even with the ND64 filter.
  2. D

    Always Use PL Filters?

    Hey all, I was shopping for ND and PL filters for my Mavic and came across the Polar Pro line. Looks like they have a few options for filters, with different stops and with or without polarization. However, I'm wondering why one wouldn't just get all polarized filters and use them any time you...
  3. halley

    Selecting a Photographic Filter - FLOWCHART

    Click on the graphic to expand it so you can read and follow this flowchart. I did not include film cameras or other hipster pursuits, but this is not limited to drone photography.