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new flyers

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    PBC/Wellington,FL places to fly?

    Hey everyone! I am very new to flying a drone (bought one last week). I have done all the necessary steps to fly recreationally and within the laws of the FAA (Trust test, registering the drone and labeling drone with registration). Wondering if there is anyone in the Palm Beach County area...
  2. A

    Hello From Saint Louis , Missouri

    Hey Mavic Experts & Fellow Drone pilots , I recently got my Mavic Pro , enjoying the experience so far . I was wondering if any one of you might have suggestions about good areas to fly Drones in and around Saint Louis . ( I have been flying my drone at Creve coeur lake as of now ) Thanks, Archit
  3. R

    First time Fliers with a Mavic!

    Hi. I have read a large number of posts of people that purchased the Mavic as their first ever drone. I have had a Mavic since the release in October. I am by no means a professional, BUT because I was somewhat new (1 year) to drone flying I feel I can relate to beginners very well. Here are...