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new mexico

  1. CrashSteve

    Cattle NOT scared by Mavic Pro Platinum

    One of the practical uses I’m characterizing for my Mavic Pro Platinum is assisting in locating free range cattle during roundups in central New Mexico. When there is up to forty square miles of open rangeland to locate cattle in, it can make for an awfully long day on horseback—unless there’s...
  2. KeithLa

    DJI Go video stuttering from YouTube, but not local

    This DJI Go 4 free form created video plays smoothly on my Android phone, and as a local file on my Mac and Windows PCs. However, it stutters in several spots when streaming from YouTube, Google Photos, or Google Drive. I've had DJI Go 4 rebuild the video two times, but get the same stutters in...
  3. KeithLa

    How to fade music/video at end of video?

    Hand edited this free form movie in DJI Go 4 (my first!), but stumped on how to fade music and video at the end. Is that possible in DJI Go 4, or only in post editing with other apps? Any handy mobile apps for that? Also, this video plays nicely on my phone, but seems choppy from YouTube, not...
  4. Z

    Route 66 New Mexico, Mountains, a Mesa, Canyon, Trains.

    Stopped and got this footage on my way from California to Texas!